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Community for Guys in Female Bodies
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Ann Marie [userpic]

Hi everyone, whomever might be still around since this community doesn't seem to be really active anymore (come'on guys lets change that around). Anywho, here's a mini-bio because I'm pretty much a newbie here and never posted. I haven't decided on a name yet but I am a guy alter - sometimes it's ok, sometimes it sucks. I'm not a typical guy due to the fact that I have a female body so I feel pretty close to trans* folks (especially FtM, of course) but we have decided not to medically transition because although the host or front is kind of gender neutral, we still agree medical transition is not for us. I mostly just view myself as a trannyboy and that seems to be right for me since I am younger than our biological body. Anyway, anyone wants to friend me, feel free - I'm always looking to make new friends :)

I have a support site taht you all can use, it has a section on MPD/DID and is really safe.  You will have to pm me to get accepted into the MPD sections though cause its locked, my name there is fourinone.  Also each alter should have its own name and each email you use can have up to five names.  just keep that in mind.  hope to see you around my site.


Also the forum Cross Roads on my site is specifically for male alters in a female body and female alters in a male body.  So i think it will help you.  Take a look at it.

Trouble Brothers [userpic]

Just noticing that it's been a while since there were any posts here. are you guys still out there?

- Troy

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The Nest [userpic]

FtM plural-multiple-medianorwhatever person here. Hi.

So, we're all sort of the same person but individual and sometimes completely independent (some are past life bits that don't care to stay dead, some are parallel lifetimes that are aware of such)... Sometimes we'll use "we", a lot of the times you'll hear "I" and unless otherwise noted, feel free to assume it's the main person (Will) talking.

With that aside... I've always known something was "up" with me. I was really young and I recall odd people coming in and out of my room that other people couldn't see, and I had extremely vivid dreams of being in other places. I was fairly genderless, not even identifying as male or female until I was around ten... which is when puberty hit and I went... well, suicidal. :/ I knew there were folks in the back of my skull keeping things from getting to bad, who I simply thought were spirit guides or some such thing, but I was miserable in this body and didn't understand why I didn't have a male body. I went into denial for years.

Until I finally realized that the spirit guides weren't spirit guides at all. Surprise~! :D;;

So I dealt with having other people (and other me's) wandering about in there, and we all worked together to sort out the gender issue. Here we are, a year or so later, officially on hormones and all that good stuff. It's still odd sometimes because two of my headmates are fairly cisgendered females (whereas all the other "girls" are a bit genderqueer or are FtM themselves) and are still dealing with all of it.

Again. Hi. >>; Awesome community from the sounds of it.

bbjkrss [userpic]

It's getting to be close to the school year again, that means back to school shopping for supplies and clothes. We had been wanting to find male clothes to wear, since the majority of stuff we have doesn't really look like guy clothes. But, when we were looking around, there was a problem- a lot of guy clothes seem to cost a lot. :\ Like, the nice/button shirts that look inherently guyish. Of course, we wouldn't buy a *lot*, because if we suddenly changed to all guy clothes, our friends would think we were weirder than usual. (We're not really wanting everybody to know about our gender issues yet.)

So, does anybody know a brand of clothing or store with guy clothes that don't cost a lot? (It isn't coming from our own pocket, but our parents are a little tight with money now, and they have three kids, so... :\ we'd feel guilty, spending too much.)

And also, are there kinds of shirts that would look good without a binder/with really bad attempts at binding? We tried to get one, but the parents said no, and the stuff we've been trying doesn't work very well.
Help/advice is appreciated.

a collective kinda concept [userpic]

So yeah, this is an intro of sorts, from the guys (or non-females anyway) in our female bodied system (oh the horrors).

I'm Quinn, the one of us that most people end up getting to know, because I front the most. For, well, pretty much forever I identified as female, but then that all got mixed up, and I changed and stuff, and to cut a long story short essentially I transitioned in the inside body. Now, I have binders and packys (that don't get worn a lot, because we live with the body's parents). I'm quite a femme guy, as they go, but I'm not sure that thet's important, because I am a guy.
Recently, I came out to my closest online friends as multiple and trans, and they took it really well (or, those that have replied did).
We're planning to take the body at least partway through transition (a low dose of T, double mastectomy, but probably neither medio nor phalloplasty. So yeah, hey y'all

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bbjkrss [userpic]

Serious question here... any of you guys still at least mildly controlled by your parents? Like, they get to decide how you are to some degree? How do you deal with that? That situation's kinda pissing us off at the moment... Being in a girl body is really frustrating for a lot of us, including the girl who's body it is, but we're not really able to do anything about it at the moment  'cause of problems with her parents. (Recent posts on our journal discuss it- don't have a lot of time atm and can't get into it)

Any advice on what we can do to feel more comfortable until we can explain ourselves more clearly to our parents? I mean, we can act like ourselves if we want to, but how we look is a completely different thing, and we're not able to really control anything yet... advice would be *greatly* appreciated.

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aidan_rhiannon [userpic]

I just have to share this. I got a binder today. I actually look like a guy, from waist to shoulders now. Can't do much about the hips, but dang! I am totally stoked about this.

photos hereCollapse )

SPark, the Purple Dragon [userpic]

So I'm feeling a little low and having a bit of that "waaah, waaaah, nobody I know understands me" feeling, and I thought to myself, "Self, maybe you should go and see if lj has any nice multiple communities, so at least somebody there might relate a little." So I go look.

I did not in a million years imagine that there would be an active community specifically for my situation! Or our situation, rather, there are two of us in here. I'm Aidan Darkangel, my brother is Aidan Rhiannon. We have a half dozen girls, one gender neutral and a hermaphrodite in here with us, so life is never dull. But the two of us will be the ones posting to this community, of course. Though our journal mostly gets used by our... er... I don't know how to put it. Our over-arching collective who is a singleton, except she's made up of all of us? Eh, it's one of those complicated things. Works differently for everyone.

But anyhow, hello! I'm very glad to find you folks! *waves*

Edit: Oooookay, bizarre coincidences time. The IRC chat mentioned some time back is on the network where I am already logged on 24/7. Madness! I see the chan is unregistered and empty at the moment though. Is it completely deceased, or do people sometimes turn up?

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20splinters [userpic]

I just came across this in genderqueer and thought I pass it along for those who are interested in trying to pass as full male. The bit about making your own packer is funny! It also has information on where to get cheap or free binders, STP devices, or even make your own of either, and all sorts of other useful stuff like that.
FtM Passing tips.

- Troy

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