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gb_guys's Journal

Community for Guys in Female Bodies
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Social community for guys in female-bodied multiple systems
GB_Guys: Social Community for men sharing the same body-space as girls.

Who we are: GB_Guys is primarily for men in female-bodied multiple systems to hang out, socialise, make friends with similar interests, and get to know other guys. All ages are welcome, but if you have boys (ie. under 15) in your group, we'd recommend a child/little specific community.

All kinds of men from all kinds of multiple groups are welcome. Non-disordered multiples, median groups, DID'ers, soulbonds, otherkin, you name it. If you're a bloke, come and join us.

This community is also open to open-minded men/male-identifying and FtM (Female to Male) single-minded guys, who want to make friends and chill out with other men. Those looking for general info on multiplicity and related topics should check out the list of related and sister/brother communities below. This is not a general multiplicity community.

This is a community for men of all orientations: gay, straight, blokey, male-identifying or otherwise.

So far, this community has two moderators: tahlhaz and commodity_sign

Rules and Conduct

- No flaming someone for being the way they are. All guys are welcome here.

- This community is uncensored. Keep that in mind if your group has kids or if you don't want to look at stuff that might trigger you. Cuts are recommended but there isn't gonna be any censorship underneath them unless they flaunt the rules. Members are allowed to post adult content.

- All adult content has to comply with the LJ ToS: no beastiality, children, photos of minors, that kind of thing.

- If you have big rants (over 30 lines), pictures, macros, or any adult (18+) content, put it under a cut.

- Keep the drama out. No whinging at other members, flaming, harassment or being an idiot to other people. If you don't like it, walk away. If you have to snark something, do it in your own journal.

- The community isn’t meant to be exclusionary, and fully supports the right for people having spaces where they feel safe. We encourage and support sister communities and ‘girl’s only’ spaces. No ranting about making men's only space, thanks.

- No personals ads. If you're lonely and want a partner, there are better communities for that.

- Girls and women are asked to respect the purpose of this community and to leave off joining. Female supporters and headmates of members are welcome to watch, but ideally, this is a place for their guy friends and partners to hang around, so they are discouraged from joining. We will link, support and promote any sister communities that spring up.

With all that in place, the guys here can grab a drink, pull up a chair, and chill out. Have fun, talk about whatever you want, ask questions and arrange meetups, whatever. Talk can range from serious activist stuff to footy and comics. Go nuts.

Multiplicity Related Links

multiplicity - Multiple Community. Big and pro-cooperative multiplicity. Go here if you have general questions.
soulbonding - Soulbonding Community. Good if you are wanting to know about soulbonding, where groups have one or more 'fictional' members.
fragmentedminds - Specific support community for DID (Disassociative Identity Disorder).

http://www.karitas.net/blackbirds/layman/ - Introduction to Multiplicity
http://www.dreamshore.net/amorpha/faq.html - Amorpha's FAQ on being Multi
http://www.astraeasweb.net/plural/faq.shtml - Pretty comprehensive FAQ on Healthy Multiplicity

Gender and Sexuality Links

http://www.ftmi.org/ - Female to Male International
http://othermag.org/blog/?p=313 - 'Afterthought: Men trapped in Women's Bodies' (blog on gender roles in comics and fiction)
http://www.xyonline.net/ - XY: website about men, masculinity and gender politics.