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Community for Guys in Female Bodies
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Volim što sam lezbejka zato što su žene lepe [userpic]

So the girls normally buy shampoo that smells like apples and soap that smells like roses and well you get the pictures.

I know that boys don't smell like apples and roses. I mean there's nothing wrong with a guy smelling like flowers but if I came across someone and didn't know if they were a boy or a girl, the orange blossom scented hair would push me more towards "girl" than "boy." and when I'm out I would rather smell like a guy.

What do guys smell like? Not apples. But guys do shower and they do wash their hair. I can be clean without smelling like flowers, yeah?

What kind of shampoo do guys use? I tried looking at the store and there were apple shampoo and rose shampoo and orange shampoo and God knows what else. It was rather confusing.

The clothes smell like oranges too but that's due to fabric softener and I know women wash men's clothes with flowery fabric softener so that's okay.

hey , i'm nameless. i'm new. every kind of new actually, though i've been around for years, since fifteenish, i suddenly found myself again recently and don't know what to do about it. my friend picked the name sydney for me a few days ago and i loved it but i don't know anymore, it's too close to home, it's kind of uncomfortable now. so i'm waiting to find out. i find it really hard to explain my multiple situation cos it's kind of in between what most of you guys probably experience and what people with borderline personalities experience and what regular singular people experience, and i don't use the pronoun "we", just have dramatic shifts in thought and personality so i have separate distinct identities that have formed a pattern, it doesn't matter anyway, i'm just here to make some friends and explore, i don't really know who i am... any of my selves.

i'm a fag, but i'm not shallow. love electro, love trash, love fashion, love cats and deep conversation and painting and writing, i'm pretty fragile and trying not to take any drugs anymore (i was never a drug whore but every little bit has fucked me up.) or even drink, and have been clearly spending too much time on the internet lately. the outside world is scary and it's like i'm scared to be a boy in a world that protects girls more, and i'm half grateful for the body even though i don't feel a part of it -- but i wish that i was just stronger so i could just be myself more. i'm scared to be that guy who's expected to be strong and suck it up and deal with things, or who gets the shit beaten out of him for being a nancy, rather than the girl who has strangers looking out for her. i'm safer and more loved in there under that mask.

anyway i do these intros way too long cos im a self obsessed little shit, but im looking forward to learning about you guys.

20splinters [userpic]

Just wondering, how many of you guys out there who live in female bodies know how big your dick is? Cause I do, and it really bugs some of my female headmates that I do know. They have no problem with Moloka'i or Wish knowing, because Moloka'i used to have his own male body before it got destroyed and Wish goes off to the fae world and has his own male body there, but none of the "born to the body" boys have ever indicated that they know that about themselves. I know what everybody's got, because I'm a perv and I look! But Gage, Anakin, and Mickey tend to just avoid the subject entirely.

- Troy

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bbjkrss [userpic]

Hey- names's William. Pardon if our language is a bit odd here- we're a bit nervous about posting. (If we screwed up with something, we'll take it down...)
We live in a teen girl's body- most of us are guys, I think... I'm not quite sure how many of us there are, and some of us don't know our names at the moment. The system's in the process of internalizing, or whatever it's called- we used to be mostly external, and she had modeled us after people- (pre adolescent behavior, we've read.) And now we're  becoming more like "us", I guess. But some of us are still named/are pictured as who we were outside.

But I won't bore you with the details. Want to get to know us? You can comment or IM or something... we're always on...
Anyway- we don't really mind being in a girl body- we're just kinda annoyed overall 'cause we can't talk about being multiple, even to "our" parents.. (I don't know how you'd phrase that...) We have a few adults and friends who know, and they don't seem to mind too much. The only time being in a girl's body is weird is when she does girl stuff... you know, like shaving or the monthly horror. Other than that, she's not too girly. (no dress-wearing. Or skirts. Ever. YES!)

Here's a question I've been wanting to ask someone: has anyone else seen the body kinda blurred if you try and look at the parts? I think it's a privacy thing she's got going, but I haven't had any comparision.

There's mostly guys here, so it's nice, and the girl's bi, so her thoughts aren't too bad... :P
...Well, I gess that's it for now- we have to go get ready for school. I might come back later, or maybe one of the other guys.

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Katullus Lexus [userpic]

In accordance the complaints about the chat for most of you here, I've logged on to it a few times lately and there has never been anyone there.  One of the best ways I know of fixing a problem like that is setting up a "semi-official" chat time- not a "you can't chat here EXCEPT at this time" sort of thing, mind you, but an establishment of "This is probably when we're most likely to be on".

I understand the many problems associated with this concept (time zones, personal free time, certain boys not likely to be fronting during certain times, etc.) and that it may well turn out that hit-and-miss is as accurate as any time we could strain our brains about here!  Not to say that it isn't worth a thought and a rudimentary effort.


Axel [userpic]

So, my name is Maddin for now and I'm not used to this 'in a girl's body thing.' I'm new in this system--not sure if I'm staying around that long yet, but this system has a tendency to let in but not out, right?
So I'm sayin' hi here. Anyone got any tips about getting used to this shit?

Also, I really need people to talk to. I've got AIM at ConsumerAddict03 and I can be reached there in the mornings, weekends, and about 7pm or 9pm-1am-3am EST. I might stop by the chat place, but when I did last there was no one there.


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Katullus Lexus [userpic]

My name is Katullus Lexus.  I am a knight without a cause, a nobleman of no land, a relic of an age long past and a traveler caught in a strange realm called the Court of Hephaestus, a place in the mind of a young woman.  *sweeping bow*  I champion that which I find to be the truth, which is sadly a fluid concept that changes from day to day.
I am a member of the Legion K, a system of seven individuals, each with their own agenda.  Three of us are men and four of us are female, including the usual fronter, who most of us agree the body belongs to.  If I had my own body, it would regularly be draped with a cape and capped with a feathered hat, fit and well versed in swordsmanship.  Sadly this is not the case with our current body, which is teenaged, awkward, female, and could lose an inch or two about the tum.
I would say, for myself, that I am about as masculine as one can be and still be bisexual and a lover of Shakespearean romanticism.  My favorite movie is V for Vendetta, getting into the niggly details. ;)
I love writing just about as much as anything else in life you could name, in fact, more than most things, as you can tell by my longwinded introduction.  

Blood and Roses, 

asylum_house [userpic]

So the (really) long version of what prompted this question is over on our system journal; you can read it if you want but I'll spare you the TL;DR version. In short, one of my headmates has had a boatload of drama with people from an RP he plays accusing him of "lying", first of pretending to be something he's not because he talks about himself as himself (a teenager, a boy) and not as our host (our body is 22 and female), and then of lying about being multiple altogether.

I'm not sure in general what's the best way to handle being multiple. I don't know. I've talked to other multiples and nobody's entirely sure of the correct solution.

In person it's one story; because people see your body: when you look like the host it tends to go the other way around in most non-personal situations, with having to decide whether or not to "come out" as who you-the-alter really is -- at, say, work, we don't see any reason to tell people about our multiplicity, but with people who are friends we might.

Online it's different. You can talk as yourself and nobody will look at you and go YOU HAVE TITS YOU AREN'T A BOY. At least not initially. But then when it does come out, you get met with shock/horror/accusation/all this ridiculous drama, like you have so very wronged them.

And I don't know. I've never been able to figure out. What is the "right" thing to do? To introduce yourself "Hi, I'm Niko, and I live inside someone's head with a ton of other people?" To introduce yourself as if you were the host (which feels like more of a lie to me!) and then maybe tell them about yourself down the road? Or to introduce yourself as yourself, but without explaining you're an alter, and tell people that part once you've gotten to know them better?

To me it seems like asking for trouble to go the "Hi I'm Niko and I'm an alter" route, because honestly, how many people are just going to accept that at face value and say "Great! Hi, Niko! We're so glad to have you!" Just about noone, that's how many. They're going to do the same thing they'll do at any point, and say "Right. Liar. GTFO with your drama, and why on earth would you tell a group of complete strangers about your psych status?"

So, yeah. No idea! What on earth do you do? What is the "right way" to handle this?


(Crossposted to multiplicity)

Tahl [userpic]

So it looks like there is some long-term community politics that I didn't know about, right? Here's what I'm going to do.

No one is banned. I'm unbanning everyone who has been removed, and I'm not banning anyone until they've had a chance to talk to me. Now, here's the catch: you guys aren't going to do this here. We will do it out of the comm, through email. If you guys want to argue, then do it privately. This isn't what the place is for, and I'm not going to have people driven away.

For now, I am the only mod presence on here. I did not remove commodity_sign because I think he's a bad mod. I have discussed it with him and I want everyone out of the firing line, him included. I don't care who did what to whom.

Commodity_sign has given me ownership of the irc chan for the same reason. You guys want to bicker, you can take it to your own chan. That's what those snark communities on LJ are for, right?

To everyone else, hope this doesn't stop you from coming here. As far as I'm concerned, this is over starting from now. Let's clear the bullshit and get back to the good stuff.

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Hey, I'm Jack, the frontrunner of the Wayfarers system. I'm 23, transitioning FTM, and all the regular fronters in the system are also male. We're a mix of gay and straight, young and old, but we tend to get along. :)

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