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Community for Guys in Female Bodies
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The Nest [userpic]

FtM plural-multiple-medianorwhatever person here. Hi.

So, we're all sort of the same person but individual and sometimes completely independent (some are past life bits that don't care to stay dead, some are parallel lifetimes that are aware of such)... Sometimes we'll use "we", a lot of the times you'll hear "I" and unless otherwise noted, feel free to assume it's the main person (Will) talking.

With that aside... I've always known something was "up" with me. I was really young and I recall odd people coming in and out of my room that other people couldn't see, and I had extremely vivid dreams of being in other places. I was fairly genderless, not even identifying as male or female until I was around ten... which is when puberty hit and I went... well, suicidal. :/ I knew there were folks in the back of my skull keeping things from getting to bad, who I simply thought were spirit guides or some such thing, but I was miserable in this body and didn't understand why I didn't have a male body. I went into denial for years.

Until I finally realized that the spirit guides weren't spirit guides at all. Surprise~! :D;;

So I dealt with having other people (and other me's) wandering about in there, and we all worked together to sort out the gender issue. Here we are, a year or so later, officially on hormones and all that good stuff. It's still odd sometimes because two of my headmates are fairly cisgendered females (whereas all the other "girls" are a bit genderqueer or are FtM themselves) and are still dealing with all of it.

Again. Hi. >>; Awesome community from the sounds of it.


Question. What is CISGendered? Does that mean thier bodies match thier gender?

Yeah it does, sorry. xD;

I got the gist, but didnt want to assume.

EDIT: I wanted to correct...what I've asked - didn't really fully read the original post *hits head*...

Hopefully I didn't piss anyone off - bleh...

I've only heard the term cisgendered as another word for "post-op"...

Correct me if I'm wrong - you're stating that your body cisgendered female or male? (I get confused easily and don't like getting my head bit off)

Sorry for the multiple edits...

Edited at 2009-06-04 08:36 pm (UTC)

My body is anatomically female. I'm a transmale or female-to-male. :]

I explained the cisgendered thing in another comment... xD; I've never heard cisgendered refer to anyone post-op.

probably in the context that they've had the surgery....but that was the word they used...

but now I'm realizing what that word actually means...

*smirks*...plus I live in the SF Bay area - there's too much terminology...

Actually, as far as I'm aware of, cisgendered means someone who's gender matches their anatomy... So a male-born-male, a female-born-female...

Of course, if someone post-op wants to call themselves cisgendered... o-o; Well, I won't stop them.

Ah..oh okay..I just did a second edit to my reply...

I've gotten my head bit off by other multiples that are in the process of transitioning over semantics and just wanted to make sure I didn't misspeak...

Thanks for letting me know.. :)

Terminology sucks, eh Charlie? *g*


I'm Joshua and the body's female, and one of the other main fronts is genderqueer, but the other other main front (there are three of us out mostly) is female, so we're kind of sticking with the female body but we pass as male sometimes.

congrats on getting on hormones and stuff. :) are you out as multiple to the therapist you have to see to get the hormones? *curious*

Actually, no. We're not out to him yet.

We got the letter from the therapist, we get the hormone prescription and stuff from out NP, who we've sort of trained (he never had an openly trans patient before).

So, there was really no need, thank goodness.

Thanks for the congrats. It's the best thing ever for us.

*waves hi* It's a nice place, though sometimes kind of dead.

We're a "sort of the same person" kind of multiple system too. Our main front is female though, so I don't get to go on hormones. :P

Anyhow, nice to meet you.

Nice to meet you as well. :]

Hey, nice to see new activity here! Our main fronter felt/feels pretty genderless, too. Puberty really bothered her, and she still thinks a lot about whether she wants to be a guy or a girl. We try to keep her from getting too upset over it.

The FtM is intriguing. Does it ever feel kinda awkward? I don't think we're going to (be allowed to) do that, but Sarah being herself always wants to know "what things are like." If it isn't too weird, could you talk a little about your experience?

Either way, it's nice to meet you. You guys sound interesting. :)


Hey there, Andrew here. I thought this community was dead, but it's good to see some activity. I think only Robert from our system has ever posted here, but I suppose now's as good a time as any, eh?

I'm a male in an anatomically female multiple group. Doesn't really bother me. Some say that's because I'm gay, but personally, I don't know if that has anything to do with it or not. Some of the other guys get all miffed about it, some don't. I'm not sure the difference, personally.

Welcome, regardless. Looking forward to seeing some more activity on here soon.

Edit: Not that this entry looks at all recent, unless I'm misreading, but perhaps it'll pick up the pace soon.