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bbjkrss [userpic]
Guy clothes

It's getting to be close to the school year again, that means back to school shopping for supplies and clothes. We had been wanting to find male clothes to wear, since the majority of stuff we have doesn't really look like guy clothes. But, when we were looking around, there was a problem- a lot of guy clothes seem to cost a lot. :\ Like, the nice/button shirts that look inherently guyish. Of course, we wouldn't buy a *lot*, because if we suddenly changed to all guy clothes, our friends would think we were weirder than usual. (We're not really wanting everybody to know about our gender issues yet.)

So, does anybody know a brand of clothing or store with guy clothes that don't cost a lot? (It isn't coming from our own pocket, but our parents are a little tight with money now, and they have three kids, so... :\ we'd feel guilty, spending too much.)

And also, are there kinds of shirts that would look good without a binder/with really bad attempts at binding? We tried to get one, but the parents said no, and the stuff we've been trying doesn't work very well.
Help/advice is appreciated.


J.C. Penney's used to carry a body shaper -- basically, an extremely stiff tank top undergarment in the women's lingerie department. If you're built relatively small in the bust, that might work -- and if you wear it backwards, it gives an even flatter chest.

As for inexpensive guy's clothes, we bought some polo shirts in the boy's department at Target -- size 18/20 works for a women's size 10/12 pretty well, and the prices are quite reasonable.